NTS Test Day Guide and Tips

Nation testing service which the abbreviation of NTS is a testing service of Pakistan which is founded in 2002 when Musharraf was ruling the country. Many top ranked Universities and government organizations conduct tests through NTS. Scholarships are also provided by NTS. The test and recruitment process that is conducted by NTS is recognized by HEC. Daily jobs are announced in newspapers and NTS official website. You are here because you have applied for NTS test and you are selected and now you are looking for NTS test day guide and tips. Here we are sharing NTS test day guide and tips these guides and tips will also be announced in the test center by an invigilator.

Please follow this guide carefully:

First of all reach the test center 30 minutes before the exam starts. Bring the admit card that is provided by NTS with yourself. The staff will check the NTS admit card and then they will allow you to enter the examination hall. Once you entered the examination hall invigilator will take attendance. After attendance the question paper will be distributed among the candidates. The question booklet will be shuffled into five parts. There will seal attach on the question paper. You have to break the seal once the test is started. During the test no one is allowed to leave the test hall. If you have any exceptional case like washroom you can leave the class with the permission of invigilator. After the test time is finished the invigilator will collect the answer sheet until then you are not allowed to leave the class. Once all the answer sheets collected from candidates then you can leave the class. You are not allowed to bring hard board, calculators, watches in the test room. Don’t bring these things with yourself. You are only allowed to have pencil and pens. You have to fill personal information correctly in the fields. After entering the name, Father’s name and roll no check it again and then sign in the required space.

The paper will be mcq’s based you have to fill the color in the right answer. There will be circle with A, B, C, D. You have to fill only one answer. If the answer is B then you have to fill the B circle only. If you fill two circles it will be marked as wrong. You are only allowed to use blue or black pen to shade/fill the circle. You have to sign the attendance sheet. Until you are in the test center you have to follow the NTS rule. If you are found in cheating or creating any disturbance NTS director have the full authority to cancel your paper. Don’t ask any questions from the invigilators related to the question. You can only ask question that are related to attendance and test procedure. The rough paper will be provided by NTS you are not allowed to bring any extra paper with yourself. Using any material that is not provided by NTS is not allowed in the test centers.

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