Nursing as a career of choice for youth in Pakistan

Nursing is one the greatest profession to serve the humanity. As a nurse its impossible to remain unemployed. Nursing has high demand not only in Pakistan but worldwide especially in middle and European countries. In Pakistan health workers are in good demand in both public and private sector. There are many opportunities for nurses. Many government as well as Pakistan army and Pakistan Navy need nurses for their organizations. Nursing is highly respected career in all over the world. It is a meaningful career with many opportunities and rewards. Nurse helps the people who are in need it brings happiness to the person who chooses nursing as career. Nursing is a profession where you can make positive impact by helping people who are aged and people who are ill. Whenever person who go through a illness and admitted in hospital they remember the care of nurse for their life time.

How to enter into nursing career in Pakistan?

After completing the intermediate or BSc you can choose nursing career. It’s an ideal time to choose nursing as your career. You can join the institutes that are providing nursing education. In my opinion everyone should do nursing course because this can help a nation in bad times. There are many institutes who are providing nursing education in Pakistan.

Job Opportunities for Nurses

Newspapers and job portals are full of nurses jobs in Pakistan. There are many job opportunities in hospitals for nurses. As the population is increasing in Pakistan the demand of nurse is also going up. Government and army also provides jobs for nurses.

Career Choices for young graduates

  • The fresh nurse graduate don’t have a practice license. Once you get a practical license you will get a registered nurse title. Once you get an experience there are many opportunities that will unlock for you. Some of them are
  • Administration
  • Education
  • Research
  • Specialized clinical fields (Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedics, transplants and many more)

Nurse Average Salary

The average salary of nurse in Pakistan is 50,600 PKR per month (minimum salary) to 145,000 PKR per month. They can support their expenses by doing nursing. Some NGO’s have really a good salary package for nurse.

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