Interactive electoral college map

I came across a very cool interactive electoral college map. You can view a color coded map for electoral college results in every presidential election since 1789, the only odd numbered election year when George Washington won 50% of electors. It’s fun (for a political junkie, that is) to scroll through year by year and watch the party preferences of the country shift.

I’m sure I’m the last to realize this, but Alabama voted for a Democrat in every election from 1876 until 1964, when the state’s 10 electors went to Republican Barry Goldwater (in 1948 the state voted for Strom Thurmond of the States’ Rights Democratic Party, which kind of counts since he otherwise caucused with the Democrats during that time period). Before 1876 the only Republican who won the state was Ulysses S. Grant, who won twice. Since Goldwater took Alabama a Democrat has only won once (Carter in 1976). George Wallace, running on the American Independent ticket, won the state in 1968. Other than that the state has voted consistently for the GOP recently.

You can also modify the current projected electoral map for the 2008 election to see what happens as your party of choice wins key states.

Have fun:

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